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  • ATM installed at your premises - No cost! Free ATM
  • We will deliver & setup ATM at no cost to you and provide training and support. No minimum transaction fees.

  • 7 days a week service line
  • As a CashmyATM customer you are given access to our 7 day a week service line which is managed at all time by a qualified ATM technician. This includes public holidays

  • Ongoing ATM maintenance
  • CashmyATM provide ongoing maintenance for all our customers at no cost.

  • Reporting services
  • CashmyATM customers receive DAILY transaction report as well as the standard monthly report either email or faxed.

  • ATM option for every venue
  • CashmyATM offers a range of ATM's & will help you choose the right model for your venue form space-restricted venues to high transaction sites, we make sure you receive the right machine for your business. We also make sure you choose the funding model that best suits your needs. We can provide a free ATM - either self filled or cash managed - or sell you your own ATM.

  • Self funded
  • This is the model we most suggest. .This is where you as the business owner fund the machine. This option means you receive a higher rebate per transaction and also that machine is doing your banking for you. Rather then have large sums of money sitting in your cash register,your cash is used to fund the ATM. The Money withdrawn each day hits your bank account the very next day which means the ATM is effectively doing your banking for you.

  • Cash Serviced
  • This option requires third party assistance from Chubb or Armaguard who load the cash into the ATM.

  • Signage and consumables
  • Knowing that signage has the potential to increase overll transaction volumes and revenue for your business we ensure that you are provided with all the appropriate signage your site requires as part of our overall ATM service.

    We offer a number of signage options depending on what you think would work best for you and your site - in some cases this means an A-Frame ATM stand or an ATM flag, so that customers can easily recognize the prensence of the ATM on site or in others internal signage is more necessary so that customers can easily locate ATM on your premises.


  • Advertising Solutions
  • Being the Tranax supplier has given CashmyATM access to leading edge technology. We only offer the most up to date software and hardware solutions available and all our ATM's come with advertising features as standard.

    We can also have the ATM receipts printed with details of these events or specials and can even have individual coupons dispensed along with the customer's ATM receipt.

Why have an ATM?

Join us and reap the many rewards of having an ATM in your business.

Increase Traffic

Increase traffic to your store by placing an ATM. The introduction of an ATM can increase store traffic by up to 23%

Drive Sales

Bring More Customers to your store by placing an ATM. The added couponing facilities will help generate return customers.

Reduce EFTPOS Fees

Reduce EFTPOS Fees in your business by placing an ATM.

Already Have An ATM?

  • Is your existing ATM contract due to expire?
  • Have you considered installing a second ATM in your venue?
  • Have you considered installing an ATM in your Bottle shops.
  • We can help to tailor a deal that is right for you and your customers.